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parents who dont let their eight year olds play with kids of the opposite gender are fuckin weird theyre eight wtf are they gonna do have sex jfc

when i was thirteen i had an all-genders sleepover that ended with a broken window, a melted cake, a guitar hero “redo” that lasted three hours and the cops (and a parent) showing up

also one girl got pregnant and another discovered that they were using tampons wrong

that was wild from start to finish

Just Dropped My Laptop Because My Dog Made Me

We have a gate that open and closes and keeps the dogs out of the nicer areas of the house and one of them has learned that when I open the gate while carrying my laptop I’m not as good as shutting it when I’m empty handed so she tries to get out, this time I got out and one of the wires got wrapped around something, so when I was trying to get that and shut the gate my dog charged and I dropped everything trying to block her. The laptop fell out of it’s cover and…on the bright side it scared the shit out of my dog, serves her right. It’s not broken as far as I can tell, i think I broke it’s fall partly. And…I think alot of crumbs I got stuck in the keyboard just came out and I dusted them off. You know this is the longest time I’ve ever had a laptop, that was my first time dropping it so I’m kind of a bit PO’d about it. I’d like to keep in good condition now that I know laptops can actually last more than two years unlike the last two I’ve had. Those two probably died out because their purpose didn’t fit what programs I wanted to play on them.

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